The times have made everything shift to online, as well as in the casino world, in the past, only people who could enjoy casino games had enough capital to be able to play directly at the casino, but now everyone can play it live via the internet.

Casino is now an online casino and the demand is very much, gambling lovers certainly love this. Online casino games are quite diverse and have their respective lovers, each game has its own charm and lover.


To be able to play this online casino you only need to play it via a laptop or even via a cellphone. It's easy to play now. But do you already know the games that are on the online casino?

Here are some of the games available that you can play live and with real money bets.

  • Baccarat

Bacarat is a casino game that uses playing cards, in this game you will place your bet on the banker, tie, or player. The cards will be divided into two halves, one hand to the banker, and the other to the player. You will bet on one of these choices, or not choose both, aka choose a tie. The aim of the game is to make the card values ​​as close to the nine as possible.

  • Roulette

Roulette is a game that uses the media of a roulette machine and a ball, the roulette machine will be rotated, and the ball will be thrown in the opposite direction to the rotating machine. You will bet where the ball will stop for your winnings. There are also several games that you can do in this roulette game

  • Sic bo

Sic bo is a casino game that uses dice as the medium, in the sic bo game, the number of dice used is 3. You will bet on the result of the dice, there are several games that you can do to guess the result of the dice, including big or small, numbers, or triple.

  • Dragon Tiger

Dragon tiger is also one of the games in the Casino, this game is almost similar to the game of baccarat, using playing cards and a similar type of game, you will bet on dragons, tigers, or ties, but there are some additional games that are not there are baccarat games, such as black and red, and odd events.

  • Slots

This game is also a game that comes from a casino that you can play on an online casino, as you know slot games are rotating machines that have several parts when they are played, when those parts form a predetermined pattern you will get a prize in accordance with the provisions. of the game.

These are some of the Casino games you can play online, you can do with real money in betting. From the previous games, is there anything interesting for you to try? If you are interested, register yourself immediately and start playing.