English League Team Sponsored by an Online Football Gambling Company

Soccer gambling is a field that cannot be separated from a well-known & most popular sport, namely football. While watching football matches, we can also benefit from this one activity. The increasing number of people who do soccer gambling cannot be separated from the times, where soccer gambling can now be done via the internet media.

Yups, online soccer gambling is an activity that has been developing since the 2000s, and until now there are still many users, and even more users of this game. The game of football now cannot be separated from the popularity of football clubs, especially in Europe. Clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​MU, Chelsea, Juventus Bayern Munich, PSG, and the big European teams are teams with fans spread all over the world.

English League Team Sponsored by an Online Football Gambling Company

With this large number of fansbase, making football an industry in marketing products from various sponsors attached to team jersey. Private companies such as fly emirates (engaged in airlines), etihad airways (airlines), even sponsors from gambling companies also sponsor European league clubs.

Now on this occasion the admin will provide a list of English league clubs sponsored by online soccer gambling companies. As you know, the English league or EPL is the tightest league in the world when compared to Serie A, La Liga and the Bundesliga. So that many sponsors from soccer gambling companies are flocking to put their company name on the jersey of the English league club.

By sponsoring an English league club, this becomes marketing & branding in itself for the company in marketing their products and online soccer gambling sites. The following is a list of online soccer gambling companies that sponsor English premier league teams and championship leagues.

The English League Sponsorship Club Gambling System

  1. Dafabet Sponsor of Club Norwich City, Sunderland & Blacburn Rovers
  2. W88 Sponsor of Club Wolverhampton Wanderes & Aston Villa
  3. M88 Sponsor of Club Bournemouth
  4. The Love Bet Sponsor of Club Burnley
  5. ManBetx is a sponsor of Club Crystal Palace
  6. Sport Pesa sponsorship of Club Everton
  7. Fun88 Sponsor of Club Newcastle United
  8. Sports Bet Sponsor of Club Watford
  9. Bet Way Sponsor of West Ham United club

That is a list of soccer gambling site companies that sponsor several English league clubs, both in the highest caste and in the championship league. Hopefully this information can add to your insight, thank you.