For some people who want to join the SBOBET AGENT for the first time, they must be confused about what to prepare to register with an agent. therefore I will tell you especially for beginners who want to register about what we need to prepare.

  1. Bank account

A bank account is needed for registration because all transactions will be made online and transferred to you when you get profit while playing. You are required to have a personal bank account because every transaction you make can monitor it yourself.

  1. Mobile Number

Mobile numbers are also required for registration, because when there is an update or the latest information or even a system error, you can immediately find out through your cellphone number, entering your cellphone number must also be your own so you can quickly get the latest information from SBOBET AGENT

  1. Email is active

In addition to your cellphone number, you are also required to provide your active email because with the faster internet network you will also find it easier to get information from agents such as proof of agent transactions to you.


After you have prepared the three main requirements above you only need to register or create an ID to become a member of sbobet. the registration form will usually be:

- Name: fill in your full name

- Bank: fill in the bank account that you use to process transactions later

- Mobile Number: fill in your personal number which is still active and you frequently use.

- Email: fill in your active email address that you use frequently.

This form will usually appear when you fill out the registration form. Some agents also ask for confirmation of your age, place of residence and other personal matters. But what you have to avoid when filling out the registration form is requesting your confidential data such as pin atm email password or other confidential things. Because SBOBET AGENT never asks for secret things that only you are obliged to know yourself. Therefore, before registering, you must choose a TRUSTED BALL GAME AGENT so that you do not experience losses when you become a member later. After you get the right agent and have registered, you are required not to tell anyone your ID because the SBOBET AGENT will never give your ID to anyone else. If you have lost your account due to your own mistake, the agent cannot help you much. Therefore, always keep all your personal data confidential from everyone, be it your friends or family, to avoid unwanted things. That is the discussion from me, I hope it can be useful for you. Thank you for your attention .