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A Little Brief History of Online Poker

When you think of playing poker, an image of a poker table surrounded by people and cigar smoke can most probably come to your mind. Yet, nowadays poker can be played online on various devices like tablets, laptops, Smartphones and more, but when did online poker-daftar poker came into existence and how it became so popular?

Well, here is a small history of online you, read on!

daftar poker

The Initial Games in Online Poker

Online poker surprisingly came into existence nearly 20 years ago. Also, with the first online poker matches taking place were during the mid of the year of 1990, even though the exact date is still unknown. Whereas, some people claim that it was in the year of 1994- after Todd Mummert developed the code for an online poker game using the IRC. While some believe that the first official match was held on 1st January 1998 on the first poker-dedicated website name Planet Poker.

These early games would be totally different from the games played today due to advancements of the technology in the last 2 decades, yet these were real poker games having the real people involved playing against each other.

There Was No Real-Money in Initial Online Poker Games

So, when poker was first played online, let’s say before the year of 1998, there was no real-money involved; in fact, the players were given imaginary chips to play. They were provided with around $1000 chips every day. The big players then somehow attempted to overthrow the limit of these imaginary chips by creating multiple accounts on the website. However, some rumors also suggest that players at that point of time were actually laying using real-money, which would be settled personally.

Online Poker Tournaments

In the early 2000s, various online poker-Daftar poker tournaments were introduced on the internet. However, Poker spot was the first site to offer such tournaments and the winning amount was around $1 million guaranteed in the year of 2002.

Online Poker Nowadays

Presently, it is estimated that there are around 600 online poker websites available online and over 100 million players all across the world. The game has now become popular as ever and has even become a source of making money and hobby for many players worldwide. This popularity has somehow increased even more with the development of various mobile poker applications that enables you to play from anywhere and at any point in time.