The History of the Beginning of Casino in Indonesia

Hello, how are you all who read this article. For those of you who are gambling lovers, both offline and online, here we as a Trusted Casino Agent have succeeded in summarizing information about the world of gambling, all of you need to know that Indonesia itself once stood a casino in Jakarta and it was legalized.

Yes, to be precise, the Djakarta Theater building has now been converted into the XXI Jakarta theater which at that time was led by Ali Sdikin's leadership as the governor of DKI at that time. at that time Bang Ali frankly said that the construction of Jakarta was financed by gambling, including from casinos, the alleys in Jakarta called MHT (Mohammad Husni Thamrin) were made with the proceeds from gambling profits at that time the casino was only profitable for non-native citizens and foreigners. for the indigenous people themselves are prohibited from entering the building

Actually there were several casino locations available in Jakarta at that time, such as the Copacobana Casino, the building located in the Taman Impian Jaya Ancol area, which is now a fitness and spa area. they are rich people who are willing to spend their money just to play gambling for personal satisfaction

For visitors with thick pockets, a VIP class room or Royal Room is provided, not just anyone can enter tight guard, adding to the private impression for those who want to play at the VIP, not far from that place stands a hotel building called Hotel Horison, the hotel guests are mostly casino visitors who wants to rest after being tired of doing his gambling activities

Still in the Ancol area there is a casino called "Hailai". It is necessary to know that the casino is owned by a Hong Kong businessman named Stanley Ho, according to the spread that he was the king of gambling in Macau and was one of the richest people in Hong Kong, the casino business at that time was indeed very promising no wonder many want to play at these casinos or even open casinos in Indonesia

But casino entertainment in Indonesia did not last long, many protests and criticisms from the community made the government inevitably have to close down the gambling entertainment, several facilities in Jakarta were realized thanks to the establishment of the casino but unfortunately after Ali Sadikin's leadership, the next governor no one dared to legalize the business again. casinos in Indonesia

You readers now know about the history of casino gambling in Indonesia, the world of gambling is lucrative besides getting instant income, there are still many fans of the gambling game but you don't need to worry because nowadays you can play only gambling at a Trusted Casino Agent who played online, without fear of the legality of the game


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